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When one is in a state of delight, learning becomes
an experience of joy and endless potential.



Silence is only golden at the opera. Those who change the world learn to communicate and inspire change.



Perfection is not necessary. The iteration and evolution of bright ideas is a far more flexible and effective model.



Whenever the collective level of education increases across the population, the entire planet benefits.

Here’s the thing
about me…

I love guitars.. and technology that helps us create better lives for each other.

Zealous Creative

I collect musical instruments. I’m a Mac. I love graphic design, and bicycles. I’ve jumped out of a plane, alone, twice. I buy local. Coffee: enough said. I drive a Jeep. I am not afraid of power tools. I love to run. I create cool stuff. Can’t get enough of color. Typography is an obsession. And yes, yes, I am a hopeless junkie, addicted to WordPress.

WordPress Developer

For the last eight years I’ve spent my time converting a world of small business folks to WordPress and helping them to build more effective communication programs through the use of their websites and social media. I design with usability in mind and I’ve written countless custom plugins to produce unique and innovative solutions for real-world business problems.

WordPress Educator

The #1 problem my clients seem to have is a lack of knowledge about how to manage an online presence. Anyone can buy a fancy web solution for their business, but flash alone won’t get you far. Making the most of the tools you employ, writing effective copy and engaging your customers in ways that benefit them are all skills no online player can live without.

Introducing Flint

Create Cool Stuff!


Use Your Wings

Imagine a world where everyone has a chance to find their own inspirational spirit. This is the father of Malala, the young girl who was attacked for promoting changes in attitudes around the education of girls in her culture. Her father gives a very inspirational speech about what it takes to ready a new generation to change the world.

Empower Yourself

And what about a world where anyone looking to better their own lives and communities can learn how? This man, Shai Reshef, created the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited online university called University of The People, making a college education possible for any high-school graduate living in any country around the world.